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Darby Equipment Company
6-20" Pipe Bending Machine (HPB6-20)

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pipe roller cradles The HPB6-20 has a 17 gal (64 L) fuel tank and 35 gal (132.5 L) hydraulic tank with
29 GPM (110 LPM) fill capacity. The large hydraulic tank helps keep the oil cooler,
extending the life of the hydraulic system.
pipe roller cradles Parker four-section hydraulic control valve provides bending and winch operation.
Hydraulic mandrel operation is a standard feature on all Darby bending machines.
pipe roller cradles Machine side plates are reinforced with stiffeners for optimal frame life. Side plates
are 5/8" (15.9 mm) T1 steel and die nest plates are 1" (25.4 mm) T1 steel. All welds are
preheated, heat controlled and made “in position.”
pipe roller cradles Frame cross tubes supporting the hydraulic cylinders have 3/8" (9.5 mm) wall thickness.
pipe roller cradles Parker Seal Lok™ hydraulic system prevents leaks and has a working pressure rating of 3,000 psi (206.8 bar).
pipe roller cradles Murphy control panel includes electric start, throttle control, oil pressure, tachometer and hour meter.
pipe roller cradles Hydraulic cylinders can be disassembled without cutting for ease of repair.
pipe roller cradles Pinup is fully reinforced to prevent spreading.
pipe roller cradles 325 Quincy air compressor is hydraulically driven by its own circuit.
pipe roller cradles 10-micron hydraulic return linekeeps oil clean to extend the life of the system.
pipe roller cradles Oil cooler in compressor drive circuit keeps the circuit cooled. It continuously circulates, even when the compressor is not running. This extends the life of the hydraulic system.

pipe roller cradles Maximum bending force at front of stiffback is 207,000 lbs (93,893 kg).
pipe roller cradles Air compressor provides 240 psi (16.5 bar) mandrel operation.
pipe roller cradles With engine running at 2,350 rpm, hydraulic vane pump produces 29 GPM (110 LPM) @ operating pressure.

pipe roller cradles Dual tires for added stability
pipe roller cradles Tracks for reduced ground pressure
pipe roller cradles Air-cooled Deutz Diesel Engine

Technical Specifications:
Length 13'6" (4,114.8 mm)
Width 6'8" (2,032 mm)
Height 8'6" (2,590.8 mm)
Weight 11,120lbs (5,043.9 kg) (w/o bending set)
Engine CAT C4.4 80 hp @ 2,350 rpm
Winch WARN 12,000lb Hydraulic Planetary Winch
Air Compressor Quincy 325 LVD Air Compressor w/ hydraulic drive and 30 gal (113.6 L) reservoir
Cylinders Two 7" (178 mm) outboard cylinders w/ 11" (279.4 mm) stroke
Two 7" (178 mm) inboard cylinders w/ 6" (152.4 mm) stroke
One 4" (101.6 mm) pin-up cylinder w/ 22-3/4" (577.9 mm) stroke
Hydraulic Pump Denison Dual Pump
Oil Cooler American Industrial