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Darby Equipment Company
Bending Sets

All Darby Bending Machines require a bending set and/or bending die (Bare or Lined) for bending a desired pipe size. A bending set and/or bending dies are required for each diameter of pipe that is bent. The largest pipe size in each pipe-bending machine requires a die only for bare pipe. Coated/lined pipe requires liners on all bending set pieces or bending machine contact points (e.g. stiff back bed, pin-up bed).

All bending sets are manufactured oversized to protect anti-corrosion coating on the pipe. If a thin-film epoxy coating is used as an anti-corrosion coating, a lined bending set is necessary.

All bending sets are designed and manufactured to conform to all API-5L pipe sizes.

Bending sets for the HPB22-36" Bending Machine consist of the following:
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22" through 34" Bending Sets = Six Pieces:
One (1) Bending Die, Two (2) Stiff Back Pieces, One (1) Pin-Up, Two (2) Clamp Pieces

36" Bending Set:
Lined - One (1) Die, Four (4) Stiff Back Liners, One (1) Pin-Up Liner, Two (2) Clamp Liners Bare - Bending Die Only

Bare Bending Sets Also Available:
For use with bare pipe, coal tar coated pipe, asphalt coated pipe, and polyurethane coated pipe up to 5mm of thickness.