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PipeVac Lifting System

The PipeVac® is an industrial vacuum lifting system that is powered by the hydraulics of a host machine. The system is designed to safely lift materials such as steel, concrete, HDPE, and ductile to name a few. A quick vacuum pad cllange allows you to switch from 4" – 48" pipe. ONE system is all you need! Minimal maintenance, maximum power. Cost per lift is fractional when compared to diesel-powered models. PipeVac,® the safest, most advanced vacuum lifter on the market.

pipe roller cradles Safety First
We have put the solution right in the palm of the operator’s hand with our new SmartliftTechnology® wireless remote. Our transmitter lets the operator know if they have as a safe lift or not-no guess work required!
pipe roller cradles Hydraulic Drive
PipeVac Lifting Systems® are powered by the host machine’s existing hydraulics. No longer is that noisy and expensive diesel or gas engine needed. Less hassle, better performance.
pipe roller cradles Vacuum Pads
Our revolutionary new design allows you to SAFELY lift a wider range of pipe diameters with fewer vacuum pad SKUs.
pipe roller cradles Engineering
PipeVac Lifting Systems® meet and/or exceed ASME/ANSI B30.20 2013 and BTH-2014, as well as being CE certified and OSHA compliant. How many different sized vacuum lifters do you need? The answer is ONE, the PipeVac. The days of needing four or five different models are behind you! The smart choice, the right choice, the only choice – PipeVac Lifting Systems®
pipe roller cradles Smartlift Technology®
Every PipeVac Lifting System® is manufactured with Smart lift Technology.® From its sleek, lightweight design to its revolutionary hydraulic-drive system. Each component is selected with safety, performance, and durability in mind and an on-board GPS module guarantees you know where your equipment is at all times.

PipeVac vs. The Competition:
PipeVac Lifting System:

Hydraulic Power

One System rated for
4" – 48" pipe

Nine pads for standard ranges of
steel pipe size, 4” – 48”

Zero Emissions – No fuel/CARB compliant
Less Maintenance, no engine and fewer filters

Zero Engine noise; safer job site

Lift capacity: 26 tonne – 57,200 lb.
ONE size fits all

65mm greaseless Xylan pin never needs lubrication

High-strength steel alloy;
exceptional weight to lift capacity ratio

Superior pad seal and vac pad design; natural rubber material is more regenerative; 40% more seal means more lifts and better value

Conical seat valve – does not drain reservoir after each lift and
does NOT freeze in frigid temperatures

Lightweight/compact cradle
shipping system

Cooler operating temperature reduces
wear of materials

LED safety lights are highly visible and
produce less heat

Lower overall
operating cost

Wireless transmitter option: smaller, Smartlift Technology
design – “safe” or “not safe” to lift on transmitter

360-degree rotation

Bigger vacuum pump and closing valve allow for quicker
recovery time and less build up time
Other Lifting Systems:

Deisel Engine

Five Different Systems – 10,12,16,20 & 25 ton for same range of pipe

Deisel emissions – fuel requires, not CARB compliant

Deisel engine maintenance in addition to vacuum machine maintenance (most models)

Excessive noise; increases safety risk

Lift capacities: Five models ranging from 22,000 – 55,000 lb. capacity

Grease pin daily

Five models with varying weights and capacities; mild steel frame

Rigid pad seal; one-time use; inferior seal quality and more pad seal changes

Piston-type valve – Not moisture sealed; freezes in frigid temperatures

Heavy/bulky full frame shipping and
storage system

Higher internal temperatures because
of diesel engine

Traditional lighting – Harder to see and produces more heat

Higher operating costs associated with fuel and maintenance

Lacking similar features

Not all models have 360-degree rotation

Smaller pump and reservoir all models; slower recovery